Apex Legends Dev Claims Wingman Season 14 Change Was “Healthy” For The Loot Pool

Alec Mullins published: 2022-09-25T22:54:18 Updated: 2022-09-25T22:54:36 Season 14’s change to the Wingman saw the jump from Heavy Ammo to Sniper Ammo, and now halfway through, the developers have provided some insight into how it affected the weapon. Few weapons can match the longevity of the Wingman in Apex Legends. It’s always been an elite force … Read more

Pokemon Go Player Reveals Trick To Increase Galarian Birds Catching Speed

Laura Gray published: 2022-09-25T20:18:16 Updated: 2022-09-25T20:18:36 A Pokemon Go player has discovered a possible trick to improve the catch rates of the elusive Galarian birds. However, it takes a large number of Pokeballs. Pokemon Go players have been on a journey in recent months to capture the elusive Galarian Legendary Bird trio. The popular Pokemon … Read more

Mysterious GTA Online bug makes driving through Los Santos a nightmare

Alec Mullins published: 2022-09-25T16:28:32 Updated: 2022-09-25T16:28:32 GTA Online’s Los Santos can be a dangerous place, but threat level goes to eleven when NPC cars are suddenly magnetized to nearby players. The streets of Los Santos have always been precarious to navigate, but this new bug makes driving an almost impossible task. There’s no obvious reason … Read more

Scump Unveils Dominant Modern Warfare 2 FSS Hurricane SMG Gear

Joe Craven published: 2022-09-25T10:58:47 Updated: 2022-09-25T10:59:06 Call of Duty and OpTic Gaming legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has unveiled his FSS Hurricane gear for Modern Warfare 2, featuring the SMG incredibly strong up close. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as it has become the established formula in the popular FPS franchise, offers players a myriad … Read more

Apex Legends Leak Suggests Long-Awaited Feature in Season 15

Connor Bennett published: 2022-09-25T09:07:36 Updated: 2022-09-25T09:07:55 Gifting may finally be coming to Apex Legends in Season 15 after a data miner managed to discover some of the in-game logos used for it. In recent months, many leaks have surfaced for Apex Legends, revealing the next few legends, weapons, a new map, and even a slew … Read more

Apex Legends Devs Confirm Player Perceptions Are “Definitely Considered” When Balancing

Philip Trahan published: 2022-09-24T22:45:41 Updated: 2022-09-24T22:45:59 A recent AMA hosted by Apex Legends developers revealed that the team takes player perception into account when adjusting game balance. As a live service game, Apex Legends is subject to numerous balance updates to adjust and refine its ongoing meta. However, fans have long wondered whether or not … Read more

Cyberpunk 2077 breaks The Witchers 3’s Steam player record as the game revives

Lawrence Scott published: 2022-09-24T15:19:15 Updated: 2022-09-24T15:19:34 Cyberpunk 2077 is experiencing a major revival on Steam, as Netflix’s Cyberpunk Edgerunners has captivated fans and the game has been patched to work properly after a disastrous launch. Cyberpunk 2077, as you may know, had one of the most disastrous launches in gaming history. CD Projekt Red’s highly … Read more

Modern Warfare 2 Developers Reveal Major Beta Changes That Fix Player Issues

Joe Craven published: 2022-09-24T11:17:06 Updated: 2022-09-24T11:17:23 Modern Warfare 2 developers Infinity Ward have revealed incoming changes to the beta’s user interface (UI) as well as the decomposing lobby mechanic that has proved particularly unpopular with players. The Modern Warfare 2 beta is underway and players from all platforms can now drop by and experience the … Read more