8BitDo’s Pro 2 controller costs just $40

A multi-function game controller is useful for gamers who have multiple consoles and computers. Today you can get the 8Bitdo Pro 2 controller for just $39.99 from its original price of $50 on Amazon.

8BitDo's Pro 2 controller

The Pro 2 controller is an all-rounder and connects to your Mac, PC, Android and Nintendo Switch. There is software you can install if you want to remap buttons or pre-program macris into one button. It’s also a wireless gamepad, eliminating the need to stay close while playing the latest games.

The controller comes with the bells and whistles as premium branded devices, including a turbo function, vibration, and two back paddle buttons for quick access to your go-to moves. In terms of build quality, the response to the handle and buttons is top-notch, and you’ll be sure to complete actions when you need to to win.

Get the discounted 8BitDo Pro Controller today!

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