A riot breaks out at Foxconn’s iPhone factory

Recently, a workers’ revolt broke out at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, China because of the poor conditions.

Foxconn iPhone factory

Hundreds of factory workers have complained about working conditions and wages, and footage of the event has been posted online and on social media. Foxconn workers clashed with police and videos show tear gas and fire extinguishers being used as weapons during the conflict.

Foxconn employees complained about not being fed during the lockdown and the government’s closed-loop production not working for the people who work and live locally. It is believed that the turmoil was caused by a delayed bonus, which Foxconn denied.

The images have long since been removed from Kuaishou, a Chinese social media platform.

A spokesman for Foxconn said the company will work with government and workers and prevent further violence. Apple has not yet made any statements about the iPhone factory riots or addressed them in a press release or on social media.

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