According to a reviewer, AMD delayed Ryzen 7000 launch due to BIOS issue

It’s been a day since AMD confirmed the announcement of the Ryzen 7000, which is scheduled for August 29. This will be a live streamed event and will answer the most relevant and important questions about the next-gen CPU series. You will receive information about SKU specifications and prices, etc. The actual launch is a month later.

Many of us may have relied on the rumored September 15th launch date. So technically, the launch hasn’t been delayed since AMD never officially confirmed the launch date. Rumors came from many different sources such as board makers and reviewers and during one of the internal meetings even AMD itself mentioned this date.

A reviewer on Chiphell stated that they have just been informed about the delayed launch and change in NDA. There is new information that AMD is currently still working on the BIOS, which could be the reason for the delay.

The BIOS bottleneck isn’t a big deal and shouldn’t cause a major delay. If it had, AMD wouldn’t have made the announcement of the “Next Generation Ryzen”. Let’s hope this is true.

So far, the rumors indicate that AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs will launch on September 27, the same day Intel plans to introduce its Gen Core Raptor Lake-S desktop CPUs.

Via ChipHell

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