Aceu shocks viewers with outrageous Apex Legends 1v3 that should be impossible

Published: 2022-12-27T12:11:35

Updated: 2022-12-27T12:12:11

Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn stunned his viewers with a stunning 1v3 aggressive outplay that shouldn’t have been possible to win.

When it comes to links, outplays, and jaw-dropping clips, there are very few Apex Legends players that can compete with aceu.

The talented streamer has dominated the Outlands since the game’s release and continues to showcase his impressive skills in Season 15.

While he’s lining up solo in Trios matches, it opens up plenty of opportunities for impressive highlights.

Well, aceu added one more to his long list in a recent stream with a hyper-aggressive 1v3 outplay that he won with only a miniscule amount of health remaining.

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Aceu Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Aceu has more than 2.8 million followers on Twitch.

Aceu grabs aggressive Apex Legends 1v3 skirmish for the win

In the final phase of the match, Aceu had to battle it out with another team of three opponents. Armed with a Peacekeeper and a Wingman, his chat already knew an impressive outplay was at stake.

Leaving him no time to think, an enemy Wraith rushed to his position, and despite missing many shots, Aceu managed to knock down the opponent, narrowly escaping damage from a well-aimed grenade.

Throwing down a heat shield, the streamer rejuvenated all of its health just in time before preparing for an aggressive attack.

Aceu dove on top of his opponents, immediately hitting one enemy with a shot to the PK’s head and dispatching another with some well-placed Wingman shots. The final opponent proved to be a bit trickier, with Aceu having to use quick moves and a climbing wall to come out on top.

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After taking the win, Aceu admitted that he was momentarily “shocked” when he fought the last foe in the squad.

Either way, the skirmish made for a brilliant clip and showed why aceu is such a talented player in clutching scenarios where the pressure is at its peak.

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