Airport baggage handler caught by AirTag

A baggage handler who works for an airport company has been caught red-handed thanks to Apple’s tracking device.


Giovanni De Luca, an airline subcontractor and employee of Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport, has been arrested for grand theft, according to the Sheriff’s Office. On August 11, the airport security unit conducted an investigation and attempted to trace the baggage thefts that began in July.

A traveler reported missing luggage in July, but she did insert an Apple AirTag and saw it being taken to Kathy Court in Mary Esther. The authorities did some searching and discovered that an employee named Giovanni De Luca. On August 9, another report came in from another traveler, this time listing more than $15,000 in lost jewelry and items.

De Luca now faces two counts of grand theft, with Sheriff Eric Aden saying the arrest was made because of the teamwork of the airport, investigators, and airport security.

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