AirTag follows the journeys of a lost luggage in Portugal

A couple going on vacation saw their luggage going on a trip to Portugal.


A TikTok user showed how her friend’s lost luggage made a round trip in Portugal, courtesy of an attached AirTag. The upload has gone viral and has been viewed over 800,000 times.

The title of the video is ‘when your luggage sees more of Portugal than you do’ and it ends with the luggage collection.

The online video showed how the luggage went on a 5-day trip to famous sights and places. It was moved to a beach, then a coast and Lisbon. After a few days, the luggage went to a house, a warehouse, the Sea of ​​Straw and the Toronto airport.

When the AirTag luggage was recovered, it appeared that nothing had been stolen. Apple’s tracking device is often a tool used to find lost or stolen items.

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