All Marvel Snap locations: each unique effect explained

. Last updated: 01 Aug 2022

Two of the three locations in . to keep Marvel Snap is the key to victory, so knowing every possible effect is essential to your success. Here’s a complete rundown of every single location in Marvel Snap so far so you can get ahead of the curve,

Locations are everything in Marvel Snap. Your only goal is to control as many locations as possible to win. But each with its own unique effect, each game will have you changing your strategy on the fly.

From simple effects like adding power to your cards to adding a seventh turn, venues can turn any match upside down.

So, if you are looking to succeed in the game, it is critical that you know all the possible locations before they appear. So here’s a full rundown of every Marvel Snap location today, along with all the unique effects.

Marvel Snap Locations

Second Dinner

Locations are everything in Marvel Snap. Familiarize yourself with each unique effect so that you are never caught off guard.

How locations work in Marvel Snap

There are three Locations in the center of the field with every Marvel Snap game. At the very beginning, only one of these locations will be visible, and the next one will be revealed in turns two and three.

Over six turns, your goal is to gain as much power as possible in these locations. Having more power than your opponent in two of the three locations is your end goal.

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This means that even if one location is ignored for the entire match, you can still win as long as you dominate the other two.

But with every action round in Marvel Snap, the combination of locations will be different. A unique mix is ​​revealed each time, meaning you can rest on your laurels and expect one strategy to work in every game.

What are Featured Locations and Popular Locations in Marvel Snap?

While most locations in Marvel Snap have an equal chance of appearing in your next game, a few can stand out and appear more often than others.

Marvel Snap cinematic

Second Dinner

With each new season in Marvel Snap, expect new locations to be featured more prominently than others.

First up are the recommended locations. These are new locations that will shake up Marvel Snap in future post-launch seasons. For example, suppose Marvel Snap Season 2 introduces two new locations, and expect to see them more often a few days after release.

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The following are Hot Locations. These are existing Locations in Marvel Snap that just appear more often on Sundays. Every Sunday, a random location is designated as a ‘Hot Location’, meaning it will appear more often in your games that day.

Full list of Marvel Snap locations

At launch, Marvel Snap will feature over 50 unique locations in total. While that’s enough to wrap your head around, no doubt more locations will be added to the mix in the coming months with seasonal updates.

Below is a full list of all the locations we know so far in the Marvel Snap Closed Beta.

While that’s every Marvel Snap location we know of at the moment, rest assured we’ll keep you updated here as new additions are added to the mix.

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