All Morty Easter Eggs so far in MultiVersus

Morty is the brand new addition to MultiVersus, and like every character in the game, his unique moves make a number of callbacks to his original source material. Here’s a rundown of all the Rick and Morty Easter eggs so far.

MultiVersus does a phenomenal job of keeping the characters true to their original source material. And in Morty’s case, each of his moves is an Easter egg reference to a story element from the hit show: Rick and Morty.

If you’re curious about what they all mean, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what we’ve seen so far, along with a handy overview of Mighty Ray also on YouTube.

The portal

In Season 5 Episode 1: Mort Dinner Rick Andre, Rick invites about his nemesis, Mr. Nimbus. to mr. To keep Nimbus busy, he orders Morty to place some wine bottles in a time-distanced universe – where the flow of time is much greater than the universe Rick and Morty live in.

Morty creates a portal and goes on his own mini-adventure – effectively ruining an alien civilization and also his chances with Jess, who temporarily transforms into an immortal statue that bears witness to thousands of years of evolution.

Rick’s spaceship

The spaceship shown on the right of the image has been featured throughout the series. Though it was initially portrayed as a simple spacecraft, it is soon revealed to be omniscient – effectively ending the world war while also entering the summer. Season 2 Episode 6: The Ricks Must Be Crazy.

Rick’s spaceship shines in Season 5 Episode 5: Amortycan Grickfitti also, where she finds love and essentially kidnaps Morty and Summer – both of whom lose their sense of identity as they try to impress the new kid at school.

MultiVersus Morty Easter EggWarner Bros

Morty jumps out of the time portal on the left and spawns Rick’s spaceship on the right.

laser gun

One of Morty’s most iconic weapons is the laser pistol – which appears in numerous episodes. We won’t list them all here, as you can often see him take out as his weapon of choice.

snake gun

After accidentally killing a snake in Season 4 Episode 5: Rattlestar RicklaticaMorty tries to replace the dead snake with a less “domesticated” snake from a local pet store on Earth.

This snake reaches the civilized world of snakes, but they realize it’s coming from an outside world – sparking their curiosity and prompting them to time travel and advance their scientific discoveries. The upward firing gun is a direct call back to this episode.

Elemental movements of fire and earth

In Season 5 Episode 3: A Rickconvenient Mort, Morty falls in love with ecological superhero: Planetina. But the first obstacle standing in the way of their romance is Planetina’s “children”, who essentially control Planetina.

Each “child” possesses an elemental power thanks to their rings. To free Planetina, Morty essentially kills all the children and takes possession of the rings – giving him the power of all elements, including fire and earth.

Orange juice

One of Morty’s taunts in MultiVersus has him grab a carton of orange juice and drink it all. This is a direct reference to Season 1 Episode 7: A Gazorpazopr. to raisewhere Morty essentially impregnates a robot his Grandpa Rick bought for him while he was traveling through space.

While he’s busy with the robot in his room, Morty very quickly comes down to rehydrate – he takes a communal carton of orange juice and slurps it all up.

MultiVersus Morty Easter EggWarner Bros

Morty is energized with his trusty orange juice.


While traversing a post-apocalyptic world with Rick and Summer, Rick injected muscle memory from a randomly severed arm into Morty’s, essentially giving birth to Armothy – Morty’s new comrade in arms. haha.

This was in Season 3 Episode 2: Rickmancing the Stone. After receiving Armothy, Morty goes on a crusade to destroy anyone who harmed Armothy in his past life.

Hammerhead Morty

This Morty exists in an alternate dimension and appears in both Season 1 Episode 10: Quit Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind and Season 3 Episode 1: The Rickshank Redemption.

In the final episode, a Rick Hammerhead uses Morty as a weapon and shield. Hammerhead Morty is then shot multiple times, most likely resulting in fatal injuries. He has not been seen since.


The pink, very questionably shaped device is an all-purpose tool. Advertised to help clean up and debuted in Season 2 Episode 8: Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate.

MultiVersus Morty Easter EggWarner Bros

Everyone loves a good plumbus.

It also appears several times after that and becomes one of the most common Easter eggs in the entire series

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