Alleged Warzone hacker is flown out by NRG for gameplay and lie detector tests

The Call of Duty: Warzone pro recently accused of hacking, Shifty, has been given a chance to prove his innocence. NRG offers to fly him to their facility so he can play on a neutral PC and take a… lie detector test.

More than two years since Warzone was released in March 2020, we’ve officially reached one of the wildest parts of the game’s timeline. We came close in July 2021, when ZLaner offered to fly his biggest hacker accuser out to see him play in person, but things ran smoothly.

Now the reverse is happening. After months of community debate, Warzone pro Shifty’s oft-blamed requests for a chance to prove himself on a neutral, controlled stand have been answered.

Esports and entertainment organization NRG offers him a flight to their facility to prove his innocence by playing on their PC and taking a lie detector test. Yes, a literal lie detector test.

Alleged Warzone hacker gets chance to prove his legitimacy

As mentioned before, Shifty has spoken out about a chance to replicate its gameplay on a completely neutral setup.

His clips were called suspicious, most notably by former CDL pro Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic, who accused him of hacking into a $100,000 tournament. Then more accusations piled up on March 20 after Shifty struggled to match his typical performance with a new anti-cheat installed.

In response to the situation, he repeated his request for a fair shot in a neutral setting and this time Grady Rains of NRG responded. With a flight to the NRG castle on the table, the exact parts of Shifty’s tests begin to take shape.

Testing a Warzone Hacker’s Innocence with a Lie Detector?

While Rains technically made the offer to Shifty, NRG’s Jake Lucky has had much of the brainstorming done. As such, the gaming influencer has put together a tentative plan for the occasion – noting that the accused streamer will be “fully monitored” when playing matches (possibly against other pros) and in an effort to recreate some of his suspect clips. to create.

Furthermore, Lucky noted that Shifty will also be “subject to a lie detector test”. This was immediately noticed by the community as ‘daytime TV’ energy, with some to compare to the idea for the Maury Show.

At the end of Shifty, the accused streamer has accepted the offer and steps taken to get ID from the RDW so he can travel for this chance to prove his innocence.

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