AMD and NVIDIA Partners Offer Aggressive Price Cuts on GPUs in September

It has been repeatedly reported how NVIDIA and AMD are both planning massive price cuts for their GPUs. It turns out that even this price reduction strategy doesn’t seem to do much to move the stock. As a result, both companies have decided to dive into more price reductions and promotions on the existing products.

MyDrivers recently reported that the current price cuts haven’t done much to move the stock quickly. Now the second round of price cuts is already underway. It will be a huge price cut for the current generation of GPUs. These cuts are likely to be seen in September and imposed by AIBs on the existing stock of chips. According to sources, both companies have asked both retailers and executive partners to get rid of the existing stock.

Taking into account the economic conditions and the overall low demand for GPUs, this problem of excess inventory doesn’t seem easy to solve, and not until next year anyway. Now seems to be the perfect time to buy current-generation graphics cards, as NVIDIA and AMD are both offering big price cuts.

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