AMD finally has an answer to NVIDIA’s RTX voice

Two years ago, when covid hit hard, NVIDIA launched the RTX Voice just in time for the lockdowns as employees were encouraged to work from home and attend meetings remotely. This is the time when audio/video recording devices were most in demand and as a result their prices skyrocketed.

Most people who didn’t invest in new devices or didn’t have the time to do so were left with low-quality built-in microphones. It seems NVIDIA had things under control as it released the beta for RTX Voice, a technology purely meant to give you more and more clarity about the voice.

RTX Voice can be used for both input and output devices, with a particular focus on noise reduction. The RTX Voice uses an artificial intelligence algorithm that can even suppress the sound of the hair dryer.

AMD is also working on a new technology along the same lines. In one of the recent videos that seem to have been accidentally posted to YouTube by AMD, we see the mention of Noise Suppression technology. The video was immediately removed, but the damage was already done as many Reddit users had already copied it in no time.

The video tells us that Noise Canceling is going to use the same technology that NVIDIA used. The main function will be the same; to cancel noise for both input and output devices using artificial intelligence. The technology is added to the Audio and Video tab in the AMD Software Adrenalin Driver. The noise cancellation will be part of the AMD software stack, adding more features in a single app.

We expect the technology to be available as soon as the new driver is released as the video clearly states that it is ‘available now’.

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