AMD Introduces EXPO Technology for DDR5 Memory Overclocking

AMD’s Extended Profiles for Overclocking (EXPO) technology is comparable to Intel’s XMP 3.0. With this EXPO technology, DDR5 overclocking is enabled with just one click for all AM5 builds and the new Ryzen 7000 desktop series. With the use of this technology, gamers get an 11% performance boost with 1080p resolution and lower latency.

AMD is working to make this standard both license-free and royalty-free, which will lower costs and also make it easier for users to adopt. AMD has announced 15 partner DDR5 kits that will offer speeds of up to 6400 MT/s. These memory kits include Corsair, Geil, ADATA, G.Skill and Kingston.

The first of the memory kits based on EXPO profiles will be announced soon by memory manufacturers. We hope to find out more about the prices soon as well.


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