AMD Radeon RX 6950XT, RX 6750XT and RX 6650XT are now released on May 10

We had heard rumors about the flagship Radeon RX 6950XT in a new color and those rumors are indeed true. The new model is almost identical to the design of the RX 6800XT Midnight Black Edition. And as far as we know, all models of the new RX 6X50XT will be black.

Three new models are set to launch on May 10, including the RX 6950XT, RX 6750XT and RX 6650XT. This is slightly different from the previous launch date, which was rumored to be April 20. The models are now launching later than this expected date and so far we have heard no reason for this delay. In addition, the DIY model of the RX 6400 will also be officially launched on the same day.

What sets this new family apart is that all models come with 18 GBP of memory. Other than that, we’re still unsure about the other changes coming to the new SKU. We may be looking at high board power and higher boost clocks.

Some specs might stay the same, but what’s noteworthy here is that the RX 6650XT comes with a new design that’s much cooler. AMD Radeon ditched the single fan design for a better dual fan design. We understand how this change would have been necessary in relation to the new power and performance requirements of this model. The same goes for the RX 6750XT model which now comes with an additional third fan.

We are still waiting for more information on the specifications of the models, but let’s wait until May 10 to get a clear picture of everything.

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