Among Us VR Revealed: Trailer, Platforms, More

Among us is one of the most popular games in recent history. Now Innersloth has announced the long-rumored VR mode to make killing your friends more immersive than ever.

Among us was one of the most unexpected breakthrough successes of the past decade, taking the gaming world by storm and revolutionizing multiplayer gaming. Sessions of fooling and killing your friends became a weekly staple, especially when we were all stuck at home.

After it became popular in 2020, Among Us even inspired some similar games and modes. Gaming giant Fortnite even dropped Imposter mode, which riffed heavily on the formula Innersloth had perfected.

But during all its success, fans have been calling for the game to be brought to VR. Fortunately, their wishes were granted during The Game Awards 2021.


Among us VR trailer

A trailer dropped during the awards show announcing that Among Us is getting a VR overhaul, allowing players to experience the game from a first-person perspective. The sorting clip showed a crew member manually completing a task, before being stalked by a cunning trickster.

Check it out below:

Among us VR gameplay

In a blog post, developers Innersloth revealed that Among Us VR will feature the Skeld, the original map that helped bring the game mainstream. In order to make optimal use of the VR hardware, the ship will be realized in 3D.

The structure will follow the same format that fans know and love. Only this time the emergency meetings will take place in person rather than behind the comfort of a chat screen.

Tasks will be familiar to old players, but with an extra layer of interactivity thanks to the new perspective. And of course, betrayal becomes even more personal if you look your victim in the crosshairs before eliminating it.

The development of the new version is in the hands of Schell Games, best known for I Expect You To Die. In a press release, CEO Jesse Schell said: “There’s a lot to love about Among Us and this partnership perfectly combines the runaway success of the original game and the upward trajectory of the virtual reality ecosystem.”

Among us impostor in VR
inner sloth

If you previously thought Among Us was nerve-wracking, imagine that in first-person.

Among us VR platforms

Among us, VR is being developed for Steam VR, PlayStation VR and Meta Quest 2meaning players on different platforms can experience the game.

It is worth noting that Among Us VR will not be compatible with the original version and will be sold as a completely separate game.

Is there a among us VR release date?

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t commented on the release date yet, but players can expect an update sometime in 2022.

What we do know is that we can’t wait to jump back into the somewhat sus world of Among Us and lie to our friends in a whole new way.

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