Amouranth wants her own Fortnite Icon skin after Twitch streamer requests

Some Fortnite players are demanding that Twitch star Amouranth be next in line for an Icon skin, and the hot tub streamer agrees.

Twitch streamer and OnlyFans creator Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has become the best woman on every streaming site that pushes past Pokimane and Valkyrae. With such success, some fans have started including her in Fortnite.

Fortnite’s Icon skins honor some of the best creators in gaming, music and sports with a huge range ranging from Ninja to Ariana Grande and LeBron James.

On September 18, Twitch streamer tweeted “actingliketommy” about how they wanted Amouranth to get her own Icon skin, prompting the OnlyFans star to respond.

Amouranth responds to calls for her own Fortnite skin

In a series of posts, Fortnite player “actingliketommy” noted that the game “needs” an Amouranth Icon skin and urged the developers to get on with it.

This comment sparked a range of mixed opinions, with many flatly opposing the suggestion, calling Tommy a “simp,” while a few others liked the idea of ​​an Amouranth skin.

“You really didn’t tweet this,” one commented as others even urged Tommy to deactivate his account for requesting an Amouranth skin.

When asked if the tweet was satire, the user explained that he saw a fake emote featuring a character in a bathing suit and started thinking, “This would be perfect for her.”

For her part, however, Amouranth responded to the idea by retweeting the streamer’s request with a fingers crossed emoji, indicating that she was going to enter the world of Fortnite.

Of course, there’s no guarantee we’ll ever see Amouranth in the game, but it could be a pretty interesting crossover if Epic Games decides to make it a reality.

Until then, though, fans will have plenty to do in the colorful Battle Royale as they await the possible arrival of Amouranth with Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 underway.

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