AORUS motherboards reach smoke-fast DDR5 memory frequency of 7950MHz

Gigabyte seems excited about the exceptional memory performance of its new Z790 Aorus Xtreme and Master motherboards for Intel 13th Gen Core ‘Rapid Lake’ processors. Paired with TeamGroup’s T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 7200 memory modules, these new Aorus motherboards were able to boost DDR5 memory speeds to a staggering 7950MHz. In addition to this already outstanding success, the memory did not require LN2 or liquid cooling; all it took was an efficient air cooler.

With the introduction of Intel’s 12th Generation Core ‘Alder Lake’ CPUs, DDR5 entered the general market and records for memory overclocking were set between DDR5-8000 and DDR5-8704. However, in the example given, the overclockers used an ‘extreme’ means to achieve these rates, such as ‘LN2’ refrigeration with liquid nitrogen. Aorus and TeamGroup have achieved their goal using an air cooler. It would have been beneficial if the Aorus marketing staff had shown a photo of the test rig, but they missed the opportunity.

So there must be something unique or extraordinary about the Aorus/TeamGroup gear to achieve such remarkable speeds without a nearby LN2 tank. The motherboard and memory modules have also seen improvements, Gigabyte’s press release claims, to enable the blistering but not boiling speeds.

The achievement of the PC tech teammates is due to an innovative shielded memory routing design. Gigabyte states, “Optimizing the memory trace width, length, and style from HPC simulation to actual implementation lowers the overall impedance between the CPU memory controller and memory modules.” “In addition, with a low signal loss PCB, the signal loss inside the PCB and external interference are greatly minimized, allowing fast DDR5 signal transmission to achieve faster DDR5 speed.” Gigabyte’s efforts in HPC and server architecture seem to have trickled down to consumer devices, which we should applaud, albeit at a higher price.

In addition to the underlying electrical design concerns, Gigabyte offers a highly configurable variety of BIOS options to help overclock RAM quickly and stably. The Z790 Aorus Xtreme and Master motherboards provide comprehensive support for CPU overclocking with up to 20+1+2 phases of digital power VRM and up to 105 amps per phase. Aorus uses its Fins-Array III heatsinks, thermal control, and other hardware and firmware features.

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