Apex Legends Choice Rates: Most Popular Legends in Season 14

published: 2022-10-18T08:47:00

Updated: 2022-10-18T08:47:32

Apex Legends pick rates are going through some interesting changes in Season 14, so without further ado, here are all the details and the latest pick rate numbers for the latest Apex season.

This choice rate information is based on a database of over 13 million Apex Legends players, and while this isn’t the total player base, it’s a very good sample size. These stats don’t indicate who is “the best” overall, but rather indicate which Legends are currently the most popular to pick.

Apex Legends Season 14 has been going on for a while and Vantage’s early impact now has less of an effect on the game’s pick rate percentages.

So here’s all the data you need to know about Apex Legends Season 14 pick percentages, including who’s most popular right now, as well as any sneaky surprises.

Updated October 18, 2022, with up-to-date pick speed data.


An image of Wraith from Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Wraith is constantly battling Octane for first place.

Apex Legends Pick Rates in Season 14

Here are all current pick rates for each Legend from October 18, 2022. Make sure to check back weekly as we’ll keep you updated as the percentages change and different pick percentages keep going up and down.

This information was obtained through ApexLegendsStatus.

The Most Used Legends in Apex Legends Season 14

The battle for supremacy of Apex Legends season 14 rages on and it’s in between Octane, wraith, and scout because they occupy the top places. New legend vantage disrupted podium finishes in the early weeks of the season, but now her momentum has faded as we approach Season 15.

As with the start of most new seasons of Apex, Vantage got off to a sweltering start like most new Legends do, and she shot straight to number one. 4.3% choice percentage – and fall.

apex legends pick rate chart and percentagesRespawn Entertainment

It’s fascinating to see how different buffs and nerfs influenced the game’s pick rates.

Some of the season 14 pick-rate stories make for interesting reading, as buffs and nerfs have catapulted Mad Maggie into 18th (2%) even though she is losing weight again.

Also, Rampart has fallen back into her old habits, as the legend does now 21st (1.6%) and is only slightly above Crypto in 22nd (1.2%) – a legend that constantly keeps pick rate percentages up.

Most played Apex Legends characters

As mentioned, a higher choice speed doesn’t always equate to a more effective Legend, but the current build of the game has seen the same few characters occupy the top spots for a while now.

These are the most played Legends in Apex Legends Season 14.

Bloodhound – 7.8%

Bloodhound Event Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Bloodhound’s scans make them the best exploration legend in Apex.

While Seer was awarded the title of “Best Recon Legend” early in Season 10, that time was short-lived. Bloodhound is an irreplaceable legend thanks to their Eye of the Allfather tactical ability, which provides unparalleled tracking and information for any team. This is a huge reason why Bloodhound is a healthy 7.8% choice percentage in Apex Season 14.

Not only that, but “Beast of the Hunt” is an excellent traversal technique, especially if you need to escape the storm.

Wraith – 9.4%

r99 in apex legends with wraithRespawn Entertainment

Wraith was the most consistent legend in all of Apex.

Wraith was the face of the game at launch, and it’s easy to see why. Her abilities have yet to be replaced or challenged, with her portal allowing for smooth and strategic rotations. In addition to her phase, you can take more risks and still withdraw with your life intact.

She’s done some tinkering, like removing the Low Profile attribute in Season 9, but she remains as deadly as ever in the current state of the game. No evidence is as clear and obvious as her 9.4% choice percentage.

This currently leaves her as one of the most chosen Legends in Respawn’s Battle Royale.

Explorer – 10.4%

Apex Legends Pathfinder zipline exploitRespawn Entertainment

Pathfinder’s grab can get you out of tricky situations in no time

Despite being nowhere as effective as when he was in his prime, Pathfinder still manages to be the best mobility-based legend in Apex Legends with a 10.4% choice percentage. Since Season 5, Respawn has continued to customize Pathfinder’s abilities, while also giving other Explorations (Bloodhound, Seer, Crypto, and Valkyrie) its original ability to scan for upcoming ring locations.

While these events have reduced his overall effectiveness, he still manages to be one of the most chosen characters in Apex – thanks to his maneuverability.

Octane – 11.7%

Octane GuideRespawn Entertainment

Don’t be afraid to use Octane’s Launch Pad as a way to retreat

Octane is a consistently chosen legend in Apex, despite the nerfs he has received since the game’s release. Its easy-to-use and highly effective skills make for great solo play, but also make it a perfect fit for team matches.

Octane has been a fan favorite in many recent seasons of Apex Legends and is currently at number two.

He can boast of no less than 11.7% choice percentage percentage and is currently back at the top of the charts – with some room left.

So there you have it: the most played Legends and their pick percentages in Apex Legends Season 14.

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