Apex Legends developers slammed for ‘no effort’ reactive skin in Season 15

Published: 2023-01-05T18:12:53

Updated: 2023-01-05T18:13:07

Apex Legends players are not fans of the Charge Rifle reactive skin, which is featured in the Season 15 Battle Pass.

Titanfall’s Charge Rifle, a powerful anti-Titan weapon, made its Apex Legends debut in Season 3. And it recently got the reactive skin treatment with the launch of Season 15.

These types of weapon skins typically serve as the final rewards of a season’s Battle Pass offerings. The “reactive” bit comes into play as users get more kills, evolving the weapon.

With Season 15: Eclipse, players can unlock two Legendary-tier reactive skins for the Charge Rifle upon reaching level 100 and 110. Reaching level 100 rewards the Laser Eviscerator, and grinding to 110 unlocks the Cosmic Cannon reactive skin.

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Some fans don’t like this reactive skin in Apex Legends Season 15

To say that some Apex players don’t like the Charge Rifle’s reactive skin would be an understatement. Reddit user AdrielKlein21 has called it the “worst and most energy-efficient reactive skin in the game.”

The Redditor takes offense to the design of the skin, which they say makes it look like developers merely “slap a few LEDs on the gun and call it a day.”

Comments indicate that at least some Apex Legends fans agree with this sentiment. “I mean it’s pretty symbolic of the stroke pass trajectory as a whole, tbh,” one person wrote.

But others think Respawn’s developers did their best, given that the Charge Rifle “already has a bunch of stuff that wiggles and flutters and rotates” when fired.

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A reactive version of the weapon would therefore never be easy to deploy. With this in mind, “no effort” might not be the best description.

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