Apex Legends latency issues rage on after 1.93 update

Apex Legends players are experiencing a ton of latency issues after the most recent update, with lag seemingly occurring at the worst possible time.

Patch 1.93 for Apex came out on April 5 and it wasn’t long before players started experiencing connectivity issues.

Anyone who has played Apex knows these icons and what happens when they appear.

However, after update 1.93 they seem to be much more common than before the patch went live.

Apex Legends players “suffer” with crashes

Respawn Entertainment

The Four Horsemen of Apex Connection Problems.

In a post on the Apex subreddit that quickly shot to the front page, hundreds of players confirmed they’ve encountered at least one or two bug icons since the patch.

Packet loss, lag, rubber banding and more issues have all been reported in recent weeks. One player even said that they would be able to count the number of matches more easily without any problems, rather than the other way around.

“I’d be luckier to tell you how many games I’ve played without the Apex lights on,” they replied.

“I’ve never had it before, but now every time I started a match, even on training fields, I got a good 30 seconds of pack loss,” added another.

Wraith Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

Connection and latency issues become a major problem for some players after patch 1.93.

While many are having issues, it’s not clear whether developers at Respawn are aware of the issues yet. There is no sign of a map regarding latency or connections on the Apex bug Trello page.

That said, developers may be well aware of the issues, but haven’t yet updated it with a ticket.

Anyway, community members are hoping that the issue will be resolved and that we can start again with as few connectivity issues as possible.

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