Apex Legends PC Players Discover “Deadly” Exploit

Mouse and Keyboard Players Fear Apex Legends Exposing Yet Another Advantage for Console Players, next to aiming aid.

Console-PC crossplay in FPS games allowed players to communicate, bridge gaps, and unify player bases for the first time. However, it also sparked a discussion about unfair advantages.

Console players benefit from aiming assistance. The feature snaps a player’s crosshairs on an enemy to compensate for a controller’s lack of control.

Some Apex Legends players feel that console players have an unfair advantage. Twitch streamer Shroud said players don’t have to compensate for the backlash, and 100 Thieves NiceWigg claimed console players dominate in close quarters.

The 100 Thieves streamer revealed a new perk for console players regarding a steam tie buff.

Steam bind buff reveals new perk for Apex console players

Archery Sniper Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

The longbow is extremely strong at poking enemies from a distance.

Professional Apex Legends Player Teq shared a clip of a console player dominating thanks to a new buff found in Steam’s customization settings.

NiceWigg responded to the post, asking if the clip was made with the Steam binding stuff.

Steam’s keybind feature allows players to bind WASD to a controller, opening the door for easier tapping. Console players use the same controls, but get the added benefit of PC movement capabilities.

Tap firing delivers sharper moves and harder turns than standard slide jumps, which use a combination of air firing and rabbit hopping. If you do it right, your character can do a full 180-degree turn, which is useful in firefights.

Console players with the same fast and snappy movement speed as PC players and aim assist make every firefight a nightmare for mouse and keyboard users.

Teq argued, “mnk (mouse and keyboard) is just pointless to play at this point.”

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