Apex Legends pick rates force players to demand Newcastle buff with season 14

. Last updated: July 24, 2022

Recent pick-rate numbers for Apex Legends Season 13 reveal that the game’s most recently added character, Heroic Defender Newcastle, is in dire need of an improvement with Season 14.

Apex Legends’ unique and diverse character pool is one of the most acclaimed aspects of the Battle Royale, with fans always eager to try out new Legends as they drop and even wake up their main character.

Of course, though, we’re seeing metas emerge where the strongest Legends tend to get the most use, while the weakest barely get a peek.

While characters like Rampart and Crypto have long been on the unwanted end of the Apex Legends spectrum, the least chosen Legend in the game is now, remarkably, the most recently added.

Newcastle’s skills in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends fans call for Newcastle buff amid horrendous pick rates

The character in question is Newcastle, who was added with Season 13. While he started out fairly popular, he has fallen off massively as the season has evolved, now with a pick rate of just 1.6%.

That’s lower than some of the game’s most historically unwanted stuff – with Crypto slightly higher, Mad Maggie at 1.9% and Rampart at 2.3%.

Understandably, the result was fans calling for quick and meaningful buffs to Newcastle when Season 14 comes out in August.

Suggesting that he is just a more clumsy version of Gibraltar, one player said: “His skill is a bit more technical than Gibby’s and definitely needs an improvement. But for now, if you’re being chased, it helps to keep the fire off you by throwing at your feet.”

Another said the problem with his shield is how easy it is to destroy: “The number of times I throw a shield at my feet and it just gets burned and I die. While that would never happen with Gibby. It seems to me that Newcastle actually do worse in lobbies with worse players.”

Respawn has so far been silent on the changes coming with Season 14, but as it gets closer we expect details to creep out. I hope a Newcastle fan is high on the agenda.

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