Apex Legends player accidentally discovers life-saving Vantage trick

Vantage is brand new to Apex Legends, so players are still discovering the best methods of using the Sniper. While searching for rat spots on Kings Canyon, a player discovered that this Echo Relocation tick can be quite the lifesaver.

So far, Vantage hasn’t been able to go a day in Season 14 without discovering a new kind of movement technique in her gear.

Whether it’s instant super jumps or running a strange patch of wall, players have run the Pagos native through the wringer and struck pure gold in the process.

This time, hypospadias0 was just trying to find some nice hiding places when they accidentally fell off the map, but saved themselves thanks to Echo Relocation.

Vantage from Apex Legends is basically immune to fall off the map

Just as she slipped off the side of the map, the curious Vantage player steered her friendly companion Echo upward toward safety and activated the Sniper’s tactical ability.

They kept falling while the ability was charging, but once it was activated they came back to the ledge and were able to climb the railing and back to solid ground.

The distance covered was huge at its peak, meaning Vantage players may have even more certainty of falling off the map than Pathfinder with its iconic grappling hook.

This little tip might not be as amazing as some of the other early Vantage discoveries, but it’s certainly more practical to implement than many of those more complicated techniques and could end up saving tons of lives before it’s all said and done.

While this may not have started out as a stress test for tactical ability, there’s no doubt that the community will take note of how far the young woman can travel when she returns to her adorable companion.

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