Apex Legends player discovers “extremely rare” R99 secret reload animation

Published: 2023-01-01T13:16:21

Updated: 2023-01-01T13:16:35

An Apex Legends player has uncovered yet another secret reload animation, this time involving the ever-popular R99 submachine gun.

Despite launching in 2019, Apex Legends players continue to discover Easter eggs and hidden content that developers Respawn throw in to maximize immersion.

We recently saw a Titanfall 2 Easter egg hiding in plain sight, while the third-person shooting range Easter egg is still possible in the game.

However, this particular Easter egg falls more under the category of secret animations. In 2019, just after the release of Apex Legends, players discovered that the G7 Scout had a secret reload animation. Now the same has been discovered of the R99 SMG.

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Apex Legends player discovers secret R99 reload animation

Featured on Reddit by ‘Jemaniema’, the R99’s secret animation was triggered when the player ran next to the lava pools separating Fragment West and Fragment East on World’s Edge.

As they reloaded, their character disposed of the R99’s spent magazine by throwing it into the lava, before replacing it with a full magazine.

The animation is very cool and has gone largely undiscovered since the launch of Apex.

OP was originally confused by the secret animation, but went on to say they believe it is an R99 exclusive as a result of some further research.

They said: “I did some testing and it happens when you reload an R99 in this place. I tried it with a Volt and it worked with the normal one so I don’t know if there are other weapons that do that [it], but it sometimes works with an R99. I don’t know how rare it is.”

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Some suggested it was a reload bug, but given OP’s ability to recreate it later, it seems more likely it’s a secret animation.

With the R99 joining the G7 as one of the game’s weapons with a secret reload animation, we’re almost certain there’s more hidden within Apex’s immersive world. It’s just a matter of finding them.

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