Apex Legends players call for Fortnite’s new anti-cheat to stop strike packs

Apex Legends players hope Respawn Entertainment follows Epic Games’ lead with a new feature that tackles players with in-game strike packs.

Like every other battle royale out there, Apex Legends has dealt with its fair share of cheaters and exploits headaches over the past few years.

Respawn’s security team has sent out plenty of waves of bans to deal with those players using wall hacks, aimbots, and God mode, but they’ve struggled to get a firm grip on players using strike packs. Strike packs, if you’re not aware, are attachments that can be placed on a controller to give players an edge.

In a big step, Epic Games has announced new anti-cheat measures in Fortnite that will now cover these controller attachments, with Apex players hoping Respawn will follow suit.

Apex Legends players want Fortnite anti-cheat feature

Epic Games’ announcement has been making the rounds in the Apex community, and it certainly has many players hopeful that Respawn can replicate it – or even ask Epic how they did it.

“We need this. Zens and strike packs should never have been allowed in the first place,” tweeted a player. “I hope Apex does this. I’m so fed up with this and hitting packs in Arenas,” added another.

“This is really cool from Fortnite. I’d love to see this go away as a console player. I would feel much better about the integrity of the league I’m dealing with,” commented another player.

While most players want something similar to be introduced in Apex, others are not hopeful that it will happen anytime soon.

“This cannot be 100% proven, a strikepack is in the controller and as a charger this is marked useless”, argued a. “Will Respawn do it? Doubt it, lol,” added another.

Respawn has already taken similar devices out of pro-play like the ALGS, so it might not be a huge step for them to battle them in pub games. We’ll just have to wait and see if anything changes.

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