Apex Legends players can’t get enough of bizarre knock-off action figures

A series of very bizarre Apex Legends figures have emerged, and Apex players can’t get enough of these poorly crafted knock-offs that vaguely resemble iconic characters from the game.

Apex Legends features a wide cast of visually distinct characters with a variety of personalities. Collectibles for many of these characters already exist, but some very cheap looking counterfeits have popped up on the internet.

Reddit user garrett53 posted a solitary image of this incredibly twisted and distorted figure of Gibraltar that they claim to have found for just one dollar.

It’s hard to say who makes these figures, but the boxes themselves are covered in art ripped straight from Apex Legends promotional materials and in-game artwork.

While the numbers vaguely resemble their in-game counterparts, there are some clear differences here.

“Legend” is a strong word

These characters are barely recognizable, fine details and facial features are smoothed out. The tribal designs on the armor of Gibraltar are warped and layered on top of each other.

A video by reddit user Karmanized gives us an inside look at a Bangalore figure, along with the box it came in and a weapon that came with it.

The weapon is somewhat similar to the G7 Scout, a weapon that Bangalore is often depicted in the game.

Meanwhile, Bangalore itself has a similar level of detail to the Gibraltar with simply painted armor and a lack of facial detail.

These two figures also appear to have similar packaging, but it’s hard to be sure. The bottom of the Bangalore figure reads, “Who are the characters?”, a question the video’s original poster doesn’t seem so sure to answer.

With Apex Legends Season 14 on the horizon, the hype for the game and its iconic set of characters is at an all-time high. Fans of the game will no doubt be on the lookout for figures from their favorite legends.

Just watch out for these knock-off numbers.

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