Apex Legends players demand improvements for “useless” Laser Sight attachments

Apex Legends players have been calling for buffs for the “useless” Laser Sight attachment, claiming there’s little point currently equipping the Season 14 addition in Respawn’s futuristic battle royale.

The early game of Apex Legends is often defined by the quality of the loot and looting, with players always eager to invade the game’s most popular POIs and secure equipment and weapons that will propel them to victory.

Attachments are also important, with players always eager to pick up rare, epic, or even legendary attachments to expand their weapons.

Season 14 changes finally introduced a Laser Sight, allowing players to use a barrel mount to fine-tune their hip fire. However, player reactions have been mixed at best, with many complaining about the uselessness of the new gear.

Apex Legends players criticize “useless” Laser Sights

That was certainly the mood when a player asked what the community thinks about Laser Sights.

One respondent said there is rarely an incentive to pick them up and suggested increasing the hipfire buff they provide: “Useless, and now my Alternator can’t carry a barrel for the R-301 I’m looking for… I know they aren’t actually useless because they sharpen your hipfire spread, but I literally never said “I need a laser sight.”

Another described them as “literally a scam”, saying that hipfire shouldn’t have been disturbed to begin with.

A third fan slammed the nerfs to hipfire, saying, “They were supposed to nerf hipfire on all the SMGs and now just the purple laser takes you back to previous seasons’ hipfire values.”

However, some suggested they have a place and each loot pool will naturally have more and less desirable items. One positive comment was: “I like adjusting the color of the laser, I don’t like resetting every game to the default settings lol. But they do have an impact, you can see in the firing range that the spread of the reticle is getting tighter.”

Changes to Laser Sights and the Loot Pool could be coming in the near future, but it’s always a balancing act for Respawn to consider the broader implications of changes, not just how the player base is feeling at any given time.

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