Apex Legends players find a fix for “unplayable” pubs mode

Apex Legends players staggering from “unplayable” matches in the game’s popular public matchmaking came up with an update to Dropships that could fix the problem.

Outside of ranked playlists, casual matches can easily turn into fiestas where strategy flies out the window if enough players land in the same hot zones. This is a scenario that many find all too often in pubs, as casual matches are called.

It’s gotten to the point where players want Respawn Entertainment to get creative by spreading out a few new features to players that can extend the game enough to make the matches satisfying again.

This prompted an Apex player to think about how they would stretch the playing field, resulting in a minor gameplay tweak that could have major benefits for pubs.

apex legends dropships
Respawn Entertainment

Having a few dropships to open an Apex Legends game can make casual matches more playable.

By splitting a lobby into two Dropships, Reddit user ‘kevboard’ made sure that each game starts with half the lobbies far apart.

In their concept, they would use double the number of carriers that were quite far apart while traveling in mirrored, parallel routes.

This would ensure that everyone has a somewhat similar start and encourages people to explore their drop options.

“Pubs needs this so much, thanks for the great visuals,” one user commented on the idea. “Pubs are unplayable because of clowns who get hot and die within seconds. Matches don’t last beyond ring 1-2 and most of the map is empty precisely because those people didn’t spread out normally.

“Forcing teams of the game itself in this way is the only way to improve the spread.”

2 Drop-Ships Concept, to better spread players. I posted this a while ago but apexlegends didn’t make the problem any better

By default, any early game skirmish would be populated by at least half the number of participants since 30 players started on the other side of the map.

As great as it would be to divide the lobby and make the opening battles less chaotic, everyone agreed with kevboard that this “shouldn’t be used in leaderboard mode”.

The proposed changes may throw off a typical leaderboard game, where the stakes are higher, but it could make casual Apex Legends matches a lot more fun to play in.

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