Apex Legends pro HisWattson finds OP rat spot on Broken Moon map

Published: 2023-01-03T18:43:34

Updated: 2023-01-03T18:43:34

Apex Legends pro player HisWattson has discovered an incredibly crafty rat spot on the Broken Moon map, one OP enough to be completely patched out of the game.

Despite being in the wild for quite some time, players are still discovering new ways to get around on Broken Moon.

While there are no movement secrets like Octane’s bouncy spots on Olympus, players who master the map can land some big outplays in some hidden areas.

Apex Legends pro player HisWattson has discovered one of the most devious rat places to date, one where it’s almost impossible to be discovered.

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HisWattson discovers OP Broken Moon rat stain in Apex Legends

Ratspots are, love them or hate them, an important part of Apex Legends. For those who don’t have enough loot or healing items, finding a place to lie in wait while your opponents duke it out could be the key to victory.

That said, most rat spots on other maps are known. And if you’re discovered, enemies can throw grenades in to flush you out. There is a bit of risk/reward involved.

However, HisWattson has that discovered a rat spot that’s so overwhelming that it avoids much of the risk and almost purely rewards players who know how to profit from it.

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On a specific part of Broken Moon that has updrafts to prevent players from falling off the map, it is possible to hide under a bridge. You will never be found against players who are not looking for it.

And even if someone knows you’re down there, it’s easier said than done to find an angle to shoot someone who’s under the bridge. That makes this one of the most foolproof rat spots in Apex Legends.

Take advantage of this while you still can, as it wouldn’t be surprising to see this patched out of the game.

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