Apex Legends pro Mande calls out Twitch over “scam” earnings

published: 2022-10-07T22:23:43

Updated: 2022-10-07T22:24:06

During an Apex Legends stream, Mande found out how little he made through Twitch ads compared to his less popular peers, who apparently made about twice as much as he did, despite having far fewer viewers on average.

Twitch streaming is seen as a lucrative career, where popularity and wealth go hand in hand. The more viewers a streamer has, the more they earn. This feeling is quite often true, especially when comparing streamers involved in the same community.

But for Mikkel “Mande” Hestbek, a professional Apex Legends player and streamer, this is apparently not the case.

Apex Legends pro compares Twitch earnings with peers

The topic of Twitch ad revenue came up during the live broadcast of Mande’s Apex Legends. One of his colleagues assumed the professional was bringing in more than $100,000 a month through Twitch ads.

Mande quickly refuted the point. “Dude, dude, I’m not American. I spoke to people in NA, and they said they make three times as much as I do from ads, and they have half my viewership.”

The group of gamers then directly compared their Twitch earnings.

“You must be smoking the greasy cr*ck,” he joked, completely in disbelief at the money his teammates were making.

“Wait, man, you don’t earn anything,” exclaimed his colleague, shocked to find that they made much more than Mande did from advertising.

“That’s what I say! I’m not American,” Mande repeated over and over, trying to cope with his newfound acquaintance. “He streamed 100 hours less than me and earned twice as much as I did with a third of my average viewers. That’s insane, what numbers are those.”

More viewers, less money

According to streamcharts, during this time, Mande averaged about 4800 viewers and had more than 340,000 followers on Twitch. But despite his popularity, he apparently earned far less than his US-based contemporaries – probably due to regulation on the streaming platform.

earn twitchflowcharts

“I know I was being ripped off, but I didn’t realize I was being ripped off so badly,” Mande said after calming down from his initial shock.

While the professional Apex Legends player hasn’t revealed the exact numbers, a TikToker goes into her exact earnings through both TikTok and YouTube payouts, providing more transparency on social media earnings.

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