Apex Legends pro Mande grills Vantage’s sniper hitbox: “It’s so bad”

published: 2022-10-12T06:20:00

Updated: 2022-10-12T04:26:05

Apex Legends pro Mikkel ‘Mande’ Hestbek has grilled the new release Vantage — but not for the traditional reasons. The sniper enthusiast pointed out how “bad” Legend’s Sniper’s Mark hitbox is, seemingly striking targets despite visibly missing.

Vantage has been a point of contention in the Apex Legends community since her release in Season 14. While she has a devoted fan base, many believe she is underpowered with pros calling her outright “one of the worst characters” in the game. .

However, there are some benefits to her gear, namely for most of her Sniper’s Mark ultimate. Being able to tag enemies and increase the damage taken over a period of time as you sketch them is a huge plus. Another example is how easy the bullets are to hit.

Apex Legends pro Mande would love Vantage on paper. The SCARZ player is known for his prowess as a sniper, he will pick up any long range rifle and put it to work.

But even he has his grievances with Vantage⁠—but not for the usual reasons. Instead, she believes her sniper is too easy to use. In a fight with a Vantage, he was double tapped with her Sniper’s Mark and quickly knocked down, sparking a slight rant about her ultimate.

“This guy is playing a fucking sh*t Legend guy,” he said. “He’s the bullet size of Antarctica. I swear, Vantage is made for people who don’t know how to snipe with a real sniper. They need a goddamn escalator. It’s so bad.”

After the match ended, he showed a few clips of how players were able to take shots with Vantage’s Sniper’s Mark, despite seemingly missing or lagging behind.

“The bullets are so big, man,” gesturing in a huge circle with his hands. ‘Have you seen the clips? What is that? He doesn’t even aim. It’s insane, it’s sh*t dude.”

While Vantage seems right up his alley, Mande believes she’s “too clumsy” and wouldn’t really use her in competition or even in the rankings: “Her Q feels so sluggish and when you double jump and you lose all your momentum , I don’t think like it. I’m just not a fan, I don’t know.”

However, he has an affinity for Sniper’s Mark anyway, dreaming of his own Pathfinder edit where he can get the movement mechanics of the iconic robot plus the Sniper buff Vantage.

“Imagine Pathfinder with Vantage ult. Pathfinder with 25 second cooldown enabled [his Grapple] that starts when he is Q’s thing, Vantage ult, and Horizon passive. I would do things for that.”

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