Apex Legends streamer goes viral for ‘craziest’ Octane game of all time

Published: 2022-12-02T13:15:46

Updated: 2022-12-02T13:15:58

An Apex Legends streamer has gone viral after playing a deadly Octane game that left the entire community speechless.

Since his release on the Apex Legends roster, Octane has been one of the most popular characters in the game.

In Season 15, the High-Speed ​​Daredevil has an impressive 10.8% success rate, placing it at the top of the leaderboard, well above Wraith and Pathfinder.

Its unparalleled mobility and risky style of play make it perfect for aggressive players who enjoy outsmarting their opponents.

Very few players control Octane better than streamer Leamonheadtvand their recent outplay has been heralded by the community as one of the “craziest” clips of all time.

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Octane Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Octane has a 10.8% voter turnout in Season 15.

During a recent stream, Leamonheadtv and their duo partner took on an enemy squad at the Energy Depot POI on Olympus.

Equipped with a CAR SMG and a Wingman, Leamonheadtv decided they would attempt a big outplay using Octane’s bouncy castle.

The streamer launched from the side of the map and managed to blast through a small opening in the sky to the lower level of Energy Depot.

They then laser beamed down an unsuspecting foe, followed quickly by a wall jump and a series of accurate Wingman shots to take down another foe.

After the insane clip was posted to Twitter, the piece quickly went viral and the entire Apex community was left speechless by Leamonheadtv’s impressive Octane skills.

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The move completely caught the enemies off guard, and with players describing it as “wild” and “scary”, it’s safe to say it has the community’s approval.

Let’s hope Leamonheadtv keeps posting clips in the future, because if they’re anything like that, they’re well worth watching.

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