Apple-1 computer on which Steve Jobs writes is up for auction

A rare Apple-1 computer numbered by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs is currently up for auction on the RR Auction site. The fully operational and tested computer, which previously sold for $375,000, has a current bid price of $219,615 and is expected to reach the same amount when the auction closes on December 16.

The Apple-1 computer

The historic Apple-1 computer, also known as a “Byte Shop” model, is described as fully operational and has been tested for approximately eight hours without any failures. A video of the computer is available upon request, and restorer Corey Cohen has printed a technical report for interested buyers.

In addition to the Apple-1 computer, a NeXT brochure signed by Steve Jobs will also be auctioned. The brochure is expected to raise approximately $10,000 after the event ends. Both the Apple-1 computer and the NeXT brochure are listed in the registry.

Steve Jobs signed the NeXT brochure
Steve Jobs signed the NeXT brochure

It is not the first time that an Apple-1 computer has been auctioned. In 2019, a similar model sold for $458,711 at a Christie’s auction. Only about 200 Apple-1 computers were produced, making them highly sought after by collectors and fans of the iconic technology company.

The auction is now live on the official RR Auction website and the event ends on December 16. Interested buyers can place their bids on the Apple-1 computer and the NeXT brochure on the website.

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