Apple-1 Prototype Auction Under Fire Over False History Claims

A rare Apple-1 prototype, especially its history, is called into question when it enters the auction block.

Apple-1 Prototype Auction Under Fire

The copy is believed to be an original Apple-1 computer owned by the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. However, a report on the board’s history casts doubt on the claims. According to the auction, the item was handed over to an anonymous owner in the 1990s, with visible cracks and missing parts.

It is also believed that the prototype was used as a demo for Paul Terrell, owner of The Byte Shop. Further, the details say that Wozniak himself soldered the board by hand.

Several key witnesses appeared to question the information put forward by the auction. Wozniak says the board was “one of the first,” but goes on to state that it wasn’t the one they hand soldered. In a similar vein, Paul Terrell said the board was not a prototype, but rather a production model in the “first delivery” of computers.

RR Auction states that the offer was ‘well described’ and that the copy was indeed a prototype.

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