Apple adopts streamlined buying method for iPhone SE on AT&T and T-Mobile

Apple has made buying the latest iPhone SE through AT&T and T-Mobile easier, with a process that doesn’t require the customer to enter their existing information on the device.

Bloomberg reports that iPhone purchases usually require the customer to enter their Social Security number and wireless phone number for approval and for credit checking purposes to encourage the owner to pay their mobile bill on time. However, T-Mobile and AT&T customers no longer have to do this and can easily plug in their newly purchased phone as soon as it is powered on.

These customers can also choose to choose a cellular plan at a later date, which reduces engagement. Apple Store employees were told this is called “on-device authentication” and allows for a faster iPhone checkout. The trial is now available online and in stores starting March 29.

On-device authentication is currently limited to T-Mobile and AT&T customers and with the iPhone SE, with plans to bring the process to Verizon and flagship iPhones in the near future.

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