Apple Arcade Gets ‘Leaving Soon’ Section

The Apple Arcade service is getting a new section titled “Leaving Soon” for titles that are about to leave the platform.

apple arcade

Leaving Soon’ can be found at the bottom of the App Store Apple Arcade tab and currently has 15 games in the list.

Titles include Various Daylife, Towaga: Among Shadows, Spidersaurs, Spelldrifter, Projection: First Light, Over the Alps, Lifeslide, Explottens, EarthNight, Dread Nautical, Don’t Bug Me!, Dead End Job, Cardpocalypse, BattleSky Brigade : Harpooner and Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree.

Apple has not provided an explanation as to why these titles are leaving Apple Arcade, but it is believed that the developer contracts have expired and the Cupertino-based company has refused to renew them. The aforementioned games are expected to go to the App Store but in the Apple Arcade service.

Apple Arcade contains over a hundred ad-free games and costs $4.99 per month. The service is available for bundling in Apple One tiers.

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