Apple Card promotion offers 5% daily cash on qualifying purchases

Apple Card has launched a new promotion for customers who sign up for an account. From December 1 through December 25, those who receive an Apple Card will receive 5% Daily Cash when purchasing eligible Apple products on and Apple Stores.

Apple card

The Daily Cash does not apply to purchases made with funded network plans, monthly AppleCare+ payments, Apple services, and iPhone upgrade terms.

The regular daily cash rate for existing customers is 3% on eligible purchases including Ace Hardware, Exxon Mobil, T-Mobile, Walgreens, Panera Brea, Nike and Apple products or services through Apple Pay. If you use Apple Pay with Apple Card, you earn 2% daily cash on other products and only 1% when the physical card is used.

Full terms and conditions for the Apple Card promotion can be found on the official Apple Card website. Apple Card is currently only available in the United States.

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