Apple company employees go back to the office once a week

Apple office staff started reporting to headquarters from Monday.

apple park

Workers were given an April 11 deadline to return after being given a work-from-home mandate since the start of the pandemic. As COVID-19 cases dwindled and mask mandates began to be relaxed, the Cupertino-based company began pushing for a return to the office.

Major companies have adopted a remote and hybrid work model, but Apple said an office presence was necessary to manufacture Apple products. However, Apple has relaxed its corporate attendance policy for the time being, requiring only employees to report to the office once a week. From May 2, employees must go twice a week and on May 23, three times a week. Ultimately, the company’s staff will be required to report to Apple Park three days a week and be given remote work options on Thursdays and Fridays.

Apple employees have tried for permanent work option and hybrid setup, but without success.

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