Apple company employees told them to report to the office three times a week

Apple sent a memo to company employees three times a week in September to return to headquarters.


Bloomberg reports that Apple employees will have to work on site Tuesday, Thursday and a final day. Before May, employees were required to go to the office twice a week as part of the Cupertino company’s hybrid work program, which was a compromise with 3 days of work.

In general, employees did not want to work in the office as 56% were actively looking for work, according to a survey. Ian Goodfellow, Apple’s machine learning director, resigned over a conflict with Apple’s return to office mandate. Later, Goodfellow joined DeepMind, Google’s AI research arm.

Apple has been working on balancing time in the office and remote working to keep its business employees happy. Apple CEO Tim Cook is said to be looking for solutions to prevent his employees from leaving and finding work at competing companies.

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