Apple engineer told to remove viral TikTok video or facial termination

An Apple hardware engineer was threatened by the company to remove a recent TikTok video or impose severe sanctions.

TikTok video

Apple hardware engineer Paris Campbell made a TikTok video explaining in detail stolen iPhone and threats to victim for disclosing personal information for Apple ID removal. Campbell said the user’s data was safe and the threats were such that the iPhone could be resold rather than locked up and sold for parts.

After the video went viral, Campbell said an executive contacted her to have the TikTok content removed, or otherwise take disciplinary action “up to and including termination.”

Apple is generally a secretive and private company, with employees having to follow rules and guidelines to ensure the Cupertino-based brand maintains its positive image. In addition, Apple has a policy that prohibits employees from saying they work for Apple.

Apple has not yet commented on the situation.

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