Apple Ginza in Japan will move to a new green building by August 30

Apple Ginza will reopen at a new location at the end of August.

Apple Ginza in Japan

The Apple Store moves to an environmentally friendly steel and wood building that is also fire-resistant. It is the first international store and was opened in 2003. The new location is in a high-rise building developed by Hulic, an indigenous real estate group. As for the original building, Nikkei says it will be rebuilt.

The eco-friendly structure is such that it reduces carbon dioxide emissions over its lifetime, with more than half being made of wood and reinforced with concrete and steel. In addition, it can withstand fire and earthquakes with a magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale. Apple Ginza occupies half of the building, with the rest for use in medical offices.

The sustainable building was completed in October 2021, but the occupation was only recently revealed. Interested parties can check out the Apple Store at the new location from August 30.

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