Apple Highlights Apple Card Easy Signup With ‘Chocolate’ Ad

Apple recently launched a new ad video detailing the ease of registration for its Apple Card service.

Apple Card Chocolate Advertisement

The video, titled “Chocolate,” shows a man who started eating a candy bar and realized he didn’t have his wallet with him. After searching for it with no luck, he pulls out his iPhone and requests an Apple Card in line. The man then pays for the chocolate with his newly created account.

At the end, Apple says that viewers can request their Apple Card and start using it right away. In addition, the Cupertino-based company mentioned that there is unlimited cash back, no fees and family sharing.

“Chocolate” lasts just over 30 seconds and can be viewed on Apple’s official YouTube channel. Users receive a physical titanium card, but are encouraged to use Apple Pay for transactions: they get 2 percent cash back on purchases, but only 1 percent when they use the physical card.

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