Apple highlights the success of Latin American and Latin American developers in new content

Apple recently posted seven success stories about Latin and Latin American developers and how they found success in the App Store.


The founders of Yana, BiteSight and Encantos shared their stories about creating apps and how their skills and passion helped communities. Encantos is an app that offers curated children’s stories worldwide. Founders Susan Jaramillo and Steven Pereira used technology to bring characters to life. Canticos, their first app, focuses on bilingual learning and providing an interactive experience.

BiteSight is an accessibility app founded by Alejandra Enriquez, Gabe Martinez, Joshua Gomez and Juan Rubio. The app scans for possible food allergens and helps the visually impaired avoid them. The app uses VoiceOver screen reader and haptic feedback to alert the user to allergens they may consume when purchasing the item.

Yana is a chatbot app that provides Spanish users with mental health tools. The app’s creator, Yana, said she was inspired to create the app after struggling with poor mental health and the desire to help people like her.

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