Apple Maps survey team arrives in Cologne

Apple Maps is expected to expand to new regions – this time teams have been sent to Cologne, Germany to collect new data and update existing data.

Apple Maps Camera

All in all, four teams will walk through Cologne carrying backpacks to add details and improve the map service, as well as create new pedestrian routes. The team will start hiking on April 11 and it is estimated that the trip will end on July 4 this year.

In addition to the Apple Map tractors are Apple Maps vehicles that will be doing the same on April 22. The goal is to update existing data for the navigation and map app.

The teams have been named “Apple Maps Image Collection Teams” and will wear compact equipment similar to that of their vehicles. It is believed that LiDAR technology is used for greater accuracy of data collection.

Apple’s online list of mapped regions in Germany is outdated, but it does show which regions are next.

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