Apple moves Apple Watch and MacBook production to Vietnam

Nikkei Asia reports that Apple plans to move production of Mac and Apple Watch to Vietnam.

Apple Watch and MacBook production

In an effort to diversify its supply chain, Apple has split device parts production and manufacturing across different regions. Luxshare, a notable supplier, is believed to have begun a test run of MacBook and Apple Watch models in Vietnam.

In addition to claiming to move said device production, the publication also says the Cupertino-based company may be considering moving production of its smart home speaker, the HomePod, to Vietnam as well.

Progress is said to be slow, not because of supply constraints, but because of pandemic disruptions and similar concerns.

It appears that the Southeast Asian country is favorable for Apple production as it already produces other Apple devices such as the AirPods and certain iPad models. There is no timeline as to when the shift could occur at this point.

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