Apple Music, other streaming music giants lose a million UK subscribers

Kantar Research has released a report that approximately one million streaming music subscribers in the UK have canceled their services to save money.

Apple Music

The company said the reason for the streaming music service’s cancellation stems from inflation and a rising cost of living. UK households are now prioritizing more important things, and it seems that young people in the UK are following the trend too.

Kantar Research states that more than a million subscriptions were lost in the last quarter, with 37 percent of people saying they wanted to save money as the reason. In 2021, 33 percent of subscribers cited the same reason they wanted to cancel their streaming music subscription.

Interestingly, younger consumers in the UK have dropped from 57% to 53.5% year-on-year due to a variety of reasons including limited music selection, technical issues and too many ads on the platform. The report lists Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music as the top streaming services.

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