Apple partners with YouTuber to gift Apple products to young photographer and videographer

Apple recently teamed up with Jared Polin, a YouTuber to give some Apple products to an aspiring videographer.


Polin runs the YouTube channel ‘Fro Knows Photo’, and in his latest episode, he talked about a young videographer and photographer named Cam Blumberg. A video has been uploaded on Polin’s channel detailing the heartwarming event and the many Apple products given out.

On an alleged tour, Polin surprised Blumberg with a 14-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Max, an iPhone 13 Pro Max, a Studio Display, a Mac Studio, a HomePod mini and accessories Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. Along with the items, Blumberg got a 24TB external storage system and a P60C LED light panel.

The work of aspiring photographer Cam Blumberg can be found on his Instagram page, with topics ranging from basketball players to music videos. Both Studio Display and Mac Studio were released in March this year.

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