Apple Pay launches National Park donation program

In line with the celebration of the US National Parks Service, Apple has opened a donation program within Apple Pay.

Apple Pay

Apple marks the 106th anniversary of US National Parks with related content and donation proceeds to the organization. It’s a repeat of what happened the year before, with the Cupertino-based company doing the same.

From now through August 28, Apple will contribute a $10 contribution to the National Park Foundation with every purchase made at a US Apple Store, the Apple Store app, or online at The figure will continue to accumulate until the donation reaches $1 million.

National Park-related content is available for use on various Apple platforms. Apple Watch users can participate in a Limited Edition Activity Challenge where they can receive a badge by completing a wheelchair workout, running, walking or hiking. An episode collection of “Parks” will be available on Apple Podcasts, and for Apple Maps, Parks will feature indigenous heritage and history.

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