Apple publishes App Store Award list

Apple has published a list of App Store Award winners and highlighted the best games and apps chosen by the App Store team.

App Store

The sixteen games and apps have been hand-picked by the company’s editorial team based on their innovative technology, positive cultural impact, quality, ability to deliver an exceptional experience, and creative design. Apple CEO Tim Cook said this year’s winners “reimagined experiences that provided genuine, thoughtful and fresh perspectives.”

Each winner will receive an App Store Award made from 100% recycled aluminum, similar to the App Store logo, with the names of the developers engraved on it. Aside from the list of five apps and games, Apple has awarded awards to “Cultural Impact Winners” who have made a lasting impact on the impacted culture and people’s lives.

The 2022 App Store app and game winners are BeReal, GoodNotes 5, MacFamilyTree 10, ViX, Gentler Streak, Apex Legends Mobile, Moncage, Inscription, El Hijo, Wylde Flowers, and League of Legends Esports Manager. The cultural impact apps include Locket Widget, How We Feel, Dot’s Home, Inua – A Story in Ice and Time, and Waterllama.

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