Apple reiterates support for passwordless app and website logins

Tech giant Apple, as well as Microsoft and Google have recently backed passwordless login technology from the World Wide Web Consortium and FIDO Alliance.


Apps and websites can use the new standards-based ability to offer a passwordless sign-in option, meaning that instead of a password, individuals can use actions like Face ID and have it serve as authentication.

The approach is seen as “more secure” compared to legacy technologies such as OTPs or one-time passcodes and passwords. Apple, Microsoft and Google are already adopting the FIDO Alliance standards on their platforms, but there are two new capabilities that may be available later this year.

Apple Senior Director of Platform Product Marketing Kurt Knight said in a press release that a new and more secure login provides better protection and eliminates password vulnerabilities, and fits in with the company’s mission to provide a transparent user experience and keep user information safe.

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